A narcissist is someone that values themselves more than anything or anyone.  It may not be easy to court someone who is a narcissist. They most likely have the narcissistic personality disorder. Most of the time, such an individual only cares about their well-being, and it may make dating difficult.  There are signs you may not be aware of that will tell you if you are dating a narcissist or not.  You should understand the things you need to look for to find out if someone is a narcissist.  Before you date someone, therefore, ensure that you know the signs to help you know if someone is a narcissist.  The things below should be noted for you to know if you are courting a narcissist.

You may find that a narcissist may appear charming but only for a short period.  You will find that a narcissist knows how to get people to like them. However, the charm only lasts for a very short amount of time.  In the beginning, you will receive compliments from them. With time, they suddenly seem cold, mean, distant and not charming as they were before.  Look for such a sign in a narcissist.

A narcissist will only talk about themselves. Someone who is a narcissist will be interested in their feelings and not those of others.  When you have a conversation with a narcissist, you will find that the discussion is based more on what they have to say and not your feelings.  Therefore, they do not care about what other people feel.  A narcissist also bases conversations in praising what they have done or what they are good at. When you have conversations with them, take note if they give you a chance to speak about yourself or are only centered in them.

You will also find that a narcissist wants to be praised more constantly. It is not at all times that a narcissist will be confident.  It is likely that they have low self-esteem.  For these reasons, they seek to glorify themselves.  The compliments they seek are from others is also beneficial to them. Your partner may have the narcissistic personality disorder if you find that you can never say enough positive things about them.  You can never praise a narcissist enough, learn more on this site.

A narcissistic person tends to manipulate others psychologically to make a situation seem that they are right and you are wrong.  A narcissist will make a problem look like you are the one in the wrong.  You may feel insecure and inferior when you are manipulated.  You will find yourself with the need to make excuses that the person you are courting may have. Narcissists have the urge always to manipulate blame to make it yours and not theirs. Click here for more info.